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The Q2 Job Market May/June 2022

The industry job market has been compared to riding ocean waves, unpredictable at best. We’ve gathered some information, which indicates a hiring uptick for this years’ second quarter (Q2). According to a recent 24 Seven Talent survey, there is a continuous demand for Marketing and Creative professionals, while Digital and Tech opportunities remain strong. Many folks continue to transition jobs in all areas of apparel due to salary and flex issues. Their survey also indicates that up to 15% of job seekers will relocate this year, with numbers rising. In April 2022, Manpower Group surveyed over 3,000 companies to gain employment outlook. Manpower Group shared exclusive numbers; up to 55% of employers say they will increase hiring during May and June 2022. Nearly 26% of employers in all industries plan to keep a firm headcount and 17% of employers report they will decrease staffing at year end, as planned.

So, what does it look like on the candidate career side? We dug out some numbers from a LinkedIn Job Report April 2022. Their data shows that 62% of professionals in the United States are considering a job change this year, nearly one in four surveyed (about 24%) are actively looking. These numbers confirm that professionals are finding the right job fit as their needs change.

At Talent Suede, we’ve seen many companies go through layoffs and restructures, as well as brand reckoning with hiring surges. More company leaders in apparel, accessories, beauty and home categories continue to embrace digital build-outs with a focus on Marketing, E-commerce and Analytics. Hiring has spiked in all areas of Tech and HR. Demand for product focus roles such as Merchants and customer loyalty roles remain steady. Ongoing company restructures, acquisitions, office moves and employee resignations continue to play a key part in hiring and budget allowances. Team redesign, onsite requirements and competitive job openings continue to drive people transitions. Companies are hiring Recruiters and HR roles to pipeline future candidates or retain and develop current employees. Hiring will continue to increase as companies roll-out business initiatives and grow digitally. Our other services have soured, including job-search coaching, career transition & strategy, resume writing, relocation and freelancer guidance.

From the noted surveys and client responses, the Q2 hiring outlook looks good through June 2022. Along with you, Talent Suede is keeping up with the industry, watching brands create and launch new product and shift selling channels. We are available by appointment to speak, ready to help. Contact us for additional market insight, career coaching, better opportunities, relocation guidance, hiring needs and more.

Sources; The April 2022, LinkedIn Marketing Jobs Report April 2022, 24 Seven Talent Survey 2022, and Talent Suede.

Article written by Lisa Hollister

About the Author

Lisa Hollister, PHR has 15 years of Recruiting, hiring and career strategy expertise. She specializes in sourcing top talent for creative and corporate roles in apparel, beauty and home categories. She will continue to watch the job market along with her vast clients and candidates. Lisa is the Director of Recruiting & Founder at Talent Suede; she enjoys helping others navigate their success path.

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