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Network Like a Pro

As they say, a good introduction makes a difference. Like many, I meet people personally and professionally in casual or formal situations. Introductions that stand out recently have a nice mix of personal and professional information with a glimpse of personality. Why so? Because hiring and networking has shifted. As a Recruiter, I’ve seen incredible changes. Hiring managers or casual acquaintances want more insight to the person they are meeting. They want to make a connection on a more authentic level. Our work life now collides more with our personal life and we meet people differently, so it may be time to take a quick assessment. Do you need to create an introduction, aka “elevator pitch” for yourself that reflects the new ways of hiring or meeting people?

I was recently asked to provide tips on how to create an elevator pitch for professional networking. Coincidentally, in the same week, I was asked how I would like to be introduced on a podcast appearance. I realized it was time to polish up my own pitch and the advice I give.

So here’s a few quick tips to help create an introduction for yourself or personalize a current one. To get started, I’ve included a few samples at the bottom which could be used for a casual meet or professional networking.

Introduction samples


“Hi, I’m the neighbor Allison. I’m just networking and dropping off favorite flowers from my garden, but I’ve been known to work as an online Merchandiser for a new denim brand. How’s it going?”

Online or via Zoom:

It’s nice to e-meet. I’m an executive level PR director for a thriving organics product company. I’m open to networking and hearing about the industry. I enjoy work, family, hiking with my dogs…and I’ve been told I bake the best apple pie!”

In-person, or online:

Hi, I’m an entry-level Designer, looking for a creative opportunity. I love assisting, learning and challenges. My side hustle & internships have solidified my desire to grow in fashion. I’m gathering job search leads and tips - do you have any suggestions? If I can reciprocate and help you too, please let me know.”

When meeting various people in different settings, a brief, well–thought introduction can leave a positive impression and help remember someone. You’ll come across as organized and self-aware, hopefully leaving the other person engaged and intrigued. In the candidate/ recruiter/ hiring world, managers hire people they feel connected to. Your introduction serves as a conversation starter and allows you to steer the encounter as needed, whether you’re looking for an opportunity, professional networking or simply making a casual, personal meet. Tailor your introduction appropriately for the situation and impression you want to make. Keep your intro in your memory bank, and share it as needed. Happy networking!

Article written by Lisa Hollister

About the Author

Lisa Hollister, PHR is the Founder of Talent Suede; a recruiting service, started 5 years ago. With 15 years of HR & fashion industry experience, Lisa specializes in sourcing top talent for creative and corporate apparel roles. She has adjusted her self-introductions for personal and professional situations. So far, so good!

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