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We are Recruiters & HR Advisors that help candidates progress in their careers. Job seekers and candidates can apply to our career opportunities or sign up for professional services such as resume writing or online profiling.
Hiring managers trust us to fulfill talent goals and provide employee solutions.
Industry Leaders
We lead by leveraging years of experience. Our goal is to align your needs and preferences, every time.
Core Values
Quality is our core for service, candidates, opportunities and partnerships. We have a thumbprint of white-glove service, expertise and success stories.
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Success Stories
"Knowing I can reach out to Talent Suede has been a big part of our team success over the past two years."
EVP, Accounting
"Talent Suede delivers exceptional results. I would highly recommend them for any Human Resources or Recruiting needs."
Executive Director, Projects
"Lisa is an exceptional Executive Search professional. She brings a broad knowledge base and a wealth of network connections. Working with Lisa is always a benefit as well as an enjoyable experience."
SVP Global Planning
"We had a group layoff. My team and I had no resumes. The efficient Talent Suede team quickly responded and walked us through building a resume, what matters to HR and hiring managers, and took time to educate us in the process. We are beyond grateful!"
Design, Merchandising & Production Team
"Lisa is an amazing HR professional who is extremely talented, experienced, and a highly-regarded business partner. She has a knack for identifying true talent and is great at qualifying candidates. I would recommend her to anyone I know."
Design Director
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