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Recruiters & Executive Search
We fill talent gaps with the right skills and mindset for your current and future aesthetic. Services are contingent, retained, or project-based.
HR Services
We have multi-state expertise in advising and researching discrete staff issues, organization planning, and creating HR solutions through the employee lifecycle. Retained or project-based.
We help every size team or company at any stage of start, growth, change or challenge. We look forward to assisting you, whether you are a Fortune 500 company, a small brand or anything in between.
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Meet our Founder
Lisa_at work desk in COLOR _classic.jpg
Talent Suede was founded in 2016 by Lisa Hollister, PHR. She is the ultimate hands-on Recruiter and strategic HR advisor. She has created HR/ Recruitment success stories over the past 16 years with a focus within the apparel industry. Lisa will deliver and closely oversee all projects and tasks through satisfaction and completion.

Lisa has answered many calls for help and provides unwavering service. Her talent solutions and HR expertise will put you at ease. As a talent-growth advocate, she also assists teams with succession planning and mentorships, and is certified as a Professional in Human Resources (PHR) by the nationwide Human Resources Institute in Washington, DC.

Always ready to help, she's in your corner and your inbox!

Lisa and the Talent Suede team look forward to assisting you.
"We have high standards and offer elevated service and expertise. We find agile, success-driven visionaries who can build brand equity, now and in the future."
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