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How to Strengthen Your LinkedIn Profile

Building a quality network starts with you and a great profile. Here’s a few tips on how to strengthen your professional LinkedIn profile. Try these six easy steps from a Recruiter:

  1. Complete and update your profile as needed. If someone is viewing your profile, leave no question wondering if it is complete and up-to-date, including education, newly earned skills or certifications.

  2. Use both a profile photo and a back ground photo. Be sure the sizing and clarity look good for each. The back ground photo can reiterate your industry or company brand.

  3. Give yourself a specific professional title. Keep other descriptive words below in your summary. This will help Recruiters and profile viewers find you quickly and know what your actual title is.

  4. Create a strong bio or about summary, descriptive of your career, capabilities and vision. Link your website, publications or other professional content. Add a few key words with hashtags if you like.

  5. Gather recommendations and endorsements. Ask colleagues, supervisors, executives, peers, vendors and clients. Give them a heads up that a request is coming via LinkedIn or in mail. Recommendations should be testimonial style and brief, but pointed.

  6. Try using the feature button. Create or share a post that is industry-related or a strong topic of interest to you. This can be in the form of a few sentences, or an introduction to an article or video. Explain why you are sharing. Once you create the post, click “feature post.” Once “featured” your post will remain in your LinkedIn feed as well as appear near the top of your profile, under your summary. This allows others to gain insight on your interests, accomplishments, tips, kudos to others etc. while viewing your profile and activity. You can add to your top featured posts or remove as needed.

If you set aside a little time to try the above, you’ll be glad you did. By optimizing your profile, Recruiters will have a much easier time finding you. With a polished profile, viewers will have a better understanding of your professional footprint and you’re on the road to making quality connections. Try it!

Article written by Lisa Hollister

About the Author

Lisa Hollister, PHR is the Founder of Talent Suede; a recruiting service, started 5 years ago. With 15 years of Recruiting/ HR, hiring and talent strategy experience, Lisa specializes in sourcing top talent for creative and corporate roles in consumer products industries. She has advised dozens of executives, managers and job seekers on how to fine tune their professional profiles. Her advice is to “Take the time to strengthen your profile, it’s important and you’ll be glad you did!

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