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Life Hacks: Before You Job Search 2022

If you decide to put your job search on hold until after the holidays, you’re not alone. Many folks will do the same. Time with family and friends is a priority and most people want to focus on other things while we round out the year. In the candidate/ recruiter/ hiring world, timing is everything. The normal questions I get as a recruiter have shifted. The big ask right now is “What can I do to prep for a job search in 2022?”

The answer does not start with a resume. It starts with a mindset. Your 2022 job search prep can start now with a few easy life hacks. Over the next few weeks, I challenge you to integrate these:

Life hack #1 Enjoy the season and ditch the guilt. Plan your outings, coffee talks, book reads, pamper days. Mix your to do list and errands with special times. Watching Elf and sipping a warm drink while shopping online is a fun way to start.

Life hack #2 Pay attention to the hype. Watch online ads, best sellers, wish lists, sales. What is everyone wanting and buying this season? Make a few quick notes. You’ll find this helpful in 2022.

Life hack #3 Good greetings. Think about how you’d like to introduce yourself personally and professionally. “Hi, I’m the neighbor Allison. I’m just dropping in for eggnog, but I’ve been known to work as Merchandiser for a denim brand. How’s it going?” For tips on creating a new introduction or elevator pitch, see our earlier post.

Life hack #4 Pay attention to what’s important to you and what’s coming up in the new year. Taking care of yourself or a family member, moving, desire to do something different, make a big purchase, travel – decide what tops your list of needs and wants.

Life hack #5 Set a date in 2022. Circle it. It’s the day you start your plan.

Now is the time to appreciate what you’ve accomplished this year and what you’ve been through, good and bad. Reflect and enjoy the season, it goes by quick! My easy life hacks will get you in the right mindset to achieve what you want in 2022 including a job search, if that’s on your list.

Article written by Lisa Hollister

About the Author

Lisa Hollister, PHR is the Founder of Talent Suede; a recruiting service, started 5 years ago. With 15 years of HR & fashion industry experience, Lisa specializes in sourcing top talent for creative and corporate apparel roles. She has started on her life hacks for the season and challenges you to do the same. Elf is on the watch list!

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