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Start Your 2021 Job Search

The new year brings resolutions, new plans, and for many a job search. Updating your resume is a good place to start, but there’s a few other action items needed during this new and different year. Candidates want to learn the best approach for job search 2021, so we’re sharing our fast five insider tips and reminders. Easy to get started!

  1. Update resume

  2. Update online profiles or portfolios

  3. Research companies

  4. Create a preferred target list

  5. Be supportive and find support

Start with updating your application materials; resume, portfolios, work samples, online profiles and bios, etc. Scan any certificates or other relevant materials too.

Researching companies right now is critical. For some, a list of preferred companies may look different now than it did six months ago, or even last month. Apparel, digital and consumer products companies continue to change business direction. Furloughs, layoffs, temporary closures, re-opens and online expansion are happening more often. Look for company partnerships, digital events and online collabs. Learn what your favorite brands and companies are doing to stay competitive. Continue to explore companies and revise your search list.

Getting support and being supportive is probably the most overlooked job search action. Yes, you read that right, support is a job search action, so add it to your list. We know there’s a surplus of candidates and fewer job openings right now, but try not to create a bubble around yourself. Join forces with a friend, a former colleague or even a small group – whatever your comfort level is. Company leaders, hiring managers and recruiters are focusing on communities and partnerships. They announce appreciation to each other share deeds well done. The trending mentality is “keeping connected” so why not create a career community or partner for yourself? It’s a great way to echo company leaders and you won’t feel alienated in your search. Supporting each other is the only way we’ll get through these times and who knows, you may land your next career opportunity quicker that you thought.

We hope this helps you jump start your search. Good luck!

About the author:

Lisa Hollister, PHR and CDR is the Recruiting Director and Founder of Talent Suede. She has a dual background as an HR leader and full cycle Recruiter. Her focus is sourcing quality talent and Executives, employee lifecycle planning, and blogging success tips for job seekers. Lisa is certified as a Professional in Human Resources and certified Diversity Recruiter.

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