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Pocketful of Advice: Should You Remain Productive Now?

Yes. No. Maybe.

There is much advice and information on how to keep busy online and offline right now, including recommendations to urgently revamp your resume. People are making target lists and are worried about their careers. Some are soul searching. Others are spending time cooking, enjoying quality Netflix and Zoom time, organizing, exercising, gardening and learning online. Some have remained lucky and continue to be employed. But for those without a job, what should you be doing with your time? Update a resume and make target lists so you can hit the ground running later?  Keep productive? Learn new skills?  Attend online events? Self-reflect? Couch it up? Exercise?…..a healthy medium of each?

Jot down your daily chores and priorities like pay bills, file for UI benefits, family and self-care, home organization, grocery shopping, preparing meals, doing dishes, exercising, watching the news. Include important chores and tasks you have been putting off, but now have time to do. Once you have a list, it will become apparent how busy you are. Regular routine tasks are enough to keep busy. Point being, try not to hit “overload” during this time of reset. You may have gained time (such as no work or no commuting), but now you are spending time doing other things such as grocery shopping, creating online orders, making new budgets for bills, keeping connected online, taking care of family, outdoor activities, watching news and increased social media time.

‘RONA Distancing and Transitioning Through Phases

Everyone has a unique set of circumstances and is dealing with this unusual time their own way. If volunteering, learning a new skill, or starting a side business seems rewarding, do it. Others may want to follow the news closely or read new books, while others prefer quality family time or have discovered must-see Netflix shows. Some feel they must have a polished resume in place with target lists of who to contact in the future, while others feel their current resume is fine and need down time. I don’t have an answer for you, just a pocketful of advice. Do what lessens anxiety and stress for you. Get fresh air often, allow mental space and practice ‘rona distancing. Listen to your gut regularly. Your needs may change from one day to the next. That’s okay. Don’t feel guilty if you don’t have a set agenda. Listen to new updates as we transition through 'rona phases and allow yourself transition time.  Reset continuously.

As an HR /Recruiter, I’d rather have a candidate or an employee that put their physical and mental well-being as a priority during this time. You can’t take care of anyone or anything else unless you take care of you first. It’s great if you learned a new skill, but I won’t count it against you if you don't. After you take care of necessary day-to-day tasks, ask yourself, “What do I feel like doing today?” Only you know what’s best for your mind and body right now.

About the author:

Lisa Hollister, CDR is the Recruiting Director and Founder of Talent Suede. Lisa has a dual background as an HR leader and full cycle Recruiter. Her focus is sourcing quality talent and Executives, employee lifecycle planning, and blogging success tips for job seekers.

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