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E-Commerce Takeover: WFH Deals and a Laundry Truck

As we expand within a more digital era, working from home (WFH) has put a new dynamic on what-to-wear and how we shop. Sometimes a sleeping tee and chapstick will do , however, there are times when we need to step away from the jammies. In keeping up with the new norm, we set out to research what brands are doing now to bring in online sales. We “window” shopped and purchased real-life wear. We found items appropriate for meetings, grocery runs, online social time, future interviews or for those days when we want to get dressed to keep sane.

We set a super tight budget of about $40 for each outfit (yep $40!) and selected a multi-purpose, machine wash items from brands we want to support. This mission was to find comfy, appropriate pieces and super-hot deals. We came up with preferred criteria (or “nice to haves”), choosing more tops, since that’s what others will mainly see now. Most items were limited sales with select quantities, but great flash sales continue and more are coming. Even if you’re only “window” shopping right now, it’s good to investigate the e-commerce takeover from a candidate aspect.

Work-From-Home Outfit Criteria

  • Budget friendly

  • Machine wash

  • Multi-purpose

  • Transitional, now & later

  • Work & errand appropriate

  • Pieces to integrate

  • Free ship / easy return

Here’s what we found (links at the bottom):

OUTFIT 1 – Under $42

Banana Republic Factory Outlet & REI

Easy trade from a sweatshirt. Washable, seasonless knit blazer and classic tee. Topped with a boost of sunshine with this little Spring/Summer scarf, double it as a mask if needed. No one will know if you pair this with jammie bottoms. Knit Boyfriend Blazer, Stripe Crew T-shirt (both Banana Republic, $23.99 and $10.20), sunshine scarf (REI, $7.16). Outfit Total $41.35

OUTFIT 2 – Under $40

GAP Factory Outlet, EBTH & DOLAN

Just add jeans or a casual bottom and you’re set. Light weight top paired with a bright tee underneath so you have options as the day warms up. Accessories are a necklace from auction site Everything But The House and the face mask is by DOLAN apparel. Star top, Classic Crew T-shirt (both the GAP, $9.99 and $5.09), necklace (Everything But The House, $12 (bid)), face mask (DOLAN, $10). Outfit Total $37.08

OUTFIT 3 – Under $35

Revolve (Sanctuary) & Banana Republic Factory Outlet

Our favorite look. Unbelievable prices for a wrap dress and crop jacket. Made our “must have” list. Wrap dress (Banana Republic $16.99) and Crop Surplus Jacket (Sanctuary, $16.99). Outfit Total $33.98

OUTFIT 4 – Under $40

Banana Republic Factory Outlet & Gap Outlet

More finds from BR/ Gap Outlet flash sale. The cozy, throw-on top is good for cooler mornings or eves and who could say no to cargo pants that have “soft” in their title, in that color? Stitch V-Neck Sweater (Banana Republic, $13.99), Soft Cargo pants (Tencel, $23.80). Outfit Total $37.99

Laundry Truck L.A.

Did you know that when you order a face mask from DOLAN (made in Los Angeles, CA) they will create a one for a health care worker too. DOLAN uses a portion of the mask proceeds to keep their sewers employed + paid and to provide free mobile laundry service to the homeless or those in need via their Laundry Truck in Los Angeles. Purchase a mask and it gives back threefold.

The above were not sponsored, just our personal picks. Most items can be switched out and mixed. Let us know what you think.

Stay safe and well.


About the author:

Lisa Hollister, CDR is the Recruiting Director and Founder of Talent Suede. Lisa has a dual background as an HR leader and full cycle Recruiter. Her focus is sourcing quality talent and Executives, employee lifecycle planning, and blogging success tips for job seekers.

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