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Work From Home (WFH), The New Normal

If you are suddenly put on work-from-home (WFH) status, or remote class status (for students) here are some productivity tips and positive reminders for remote workers and students:

Office Set-up

Now is the time to sacrifice space for function, so pick a good spot that will promote productivity and comfort. Check your cell service and lighting. Be sure you can take phone calls and online web meetings. Keep office products handy that you normally use. Have a good chair, chargers, post-its, pens, whatever you need. Ask if you can take a few office supplies home before you leave. Add a desk plant or poster, something visual or tangible that keeps you motivated.


Tell others in the house or apartment that you will be working remote or taking classes from home for a while. Share concerns and discuss what you need to make it work for all of you. If you have pets, try getting them a few extra chewy treats to keep them quiet.

Declutter Your Path

To stay focused, declutter your interim desk / work area as well as your bathroom and kitchen. This will help you stay in work-mode all day, including your break time. Separate your personal mail, bills, laundry, etc. and keep them away from your interim work space during work hours. Besides, no one wants to spend a break looking at bills and worrying about personal stuff.

No Bed-head, please

Get ready every day. If someone pulls an impromptu Facetime or web meeting, you don’t want them to see your bed-head look.

Healthy Choices

Plan and schedule time for your regular breaks and meals. Take advantage of the no traffic / no commute and use that time to eat healthy, take breaks, breathe & stretch. Stay home, plan and make your meals, DIY coffee or smoothies and take walking breaks. So you save a little money and eat well, not bad.

Check Mate

If you work with a close-knit team, set up quick calls, chats, or send brief texts to check-in. Ask your work mates how their day is going, ask if they had a healthy lunch, or even exchange office set-up ideas. You can remain professional and continue with your co-worker pleasantries while remote. This will help through social distancing and support a team continuum.

Company or School Communication

Check in with your direct manager or HR contact to get updates on your WFH status. Some companies may have a communications person or Response Team in place. Be sure you follow instructions, ask questions, keep calm and track work hours. Get appropriate contact information and be sure you have a way to keep in touch with your manager, co-workers, or school officials. Keep in mind that some roles are not suitable for remote and there are some companies and schools that cannot allow WFH for practical reasons.

Bring it, Daily

Be prepared and start your day well. Keep good work habits or study habits. Good work habits breed success. Meet deadlines, stay prepared and remain positive. You are not alone in this process. Let work be a good diversion. Be agile through changing times. Nowadays companies and managers expect flexibility and will appreciate your support.

Try to make the best of your situation and show your managers (or teachers) that you can remain productive and focused through challenging times.

Stay well, positive and let work be your best diversion. Thank you for the read! To share and like this article, scroll to the bottom and click away.

About the author:

Lisa Hollister, CDR is the Recruiting Director and Founder of Talent Suede. Lisa has a dual background as an HR leader and full cycle Recruiter. Her focus is sourcing quality talent and Executives, employee lifecycle planning, and blogging success tips for job seekers.

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