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INSPIRE: Industry Conversations

In our fast-paced daily grind, we rarely stop to take it all in. We can go days or weeks tackling our “to do” lists without really lifting our heads to take a moment and share industry thoughts. As heavy as our schedule may be, it can be beneficial if we find time for a good healthy chat about the industry we serve. If we can afford the time, smart conversations can be rewarding.

There are many parts moving in our day. We wonder how our work contributions will play out and how to keep the wheel moving. Perhaps we work in apparel, consumer products, PR, sales, finance or corporate industries. Whatever the field, we are contributors at any level. Those in apparel know the industry is always evolving and changing, sometimes hard to keep up with. Being a contributor to the apparel industry (or your industry of choice) means we are a part of it - whatever capacity. We share a responsibility to stay apprised of happenings, relevant industry shifts, exchange lessons learned, and listen to the voices of others.

If you are looking for inspiration or something that will keep you away from the day-to-day doldrums, try a meaningful conversation. The more we discuss, the more we learn. Ideas can come from conversations. We can gain valuable information and insight from peers, colleagues, mentees, and mentors. Industry conversations spark inspiration.

A great way to connect and share thoughts is by attending an industry summit or conference. If time or budget is an issue, find a local meetup or group. You can always create one yourself - send invites, sip coffee and let organic conversations flow. Perhaps you can set up an office lunch or co-working chat during the day. A quick and easy start is to follow or join an online chat.

Open industry conversations give you an opportunity to share discoveries, challenges, and successes. They provide valuable takeaways and can dial up your inspiration meter. The outcome: you will feel recharged, make new connections, see the big picture and the little one too.

Having meaningful discussions about the industry we work in allows us to share perspectives, experiences and better collaborate. If you can make the time, inspiration is not far away.

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