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Let's toast to Talent!

Talent Suede, Inc., is a new Recruitment search firm specializing in Apparel, Corporate, and Creative roles. We have a different style and credo; we design career choices for job seekers and perform powerful search strategies to provide the best options for candidates and employers. What sets us apart? We look for leaders of tomorrow and visionaries of today, while celebrating individuality.

We have a new and interesting approach; we perform every search as an executive search, while advocating exceptional candidates. We offer a plethora (or “Lookbook”) of recruitment experience, seamless service, and industry knowledge. We partner with employers to engineer teams, benchmark salaries, fill gaps. We architect and encompass all recruitment related services. We’re programmed to align with company success and candidate goals. Our “dialed-up” services go far beyond an average placement.

Candidate job seekers come to us for better opportunities. We offer solid roles in predominant companies to ensure a good match all around. For a list of career opportunities, see our “Job Shop.”

Our company formula is simple. We have a core theme of quality, like suede; hence Talent Suede.

Talent Suede, Inc., launches with Suede style recruitment services in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and London. For more information see

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