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Meet Jane - An Entrepreneur’s BFF

November 20, 2019





Meet Jane Hamill. She’s an entrepreneur, business owner, apparel guru, fashion Designer and boss babe extraordinaire. If you’re a Designer, Assistant Designer, aspiring entrepreneur or business owner – keep reading for a deal you on how to launch your own line!


Jane has over 14 years of experience as a successful business owner and started out as a fashion Designer creating a full Women’s Ready-to-Wear line. She had 5 showrooms and sold to Sak’s, Macy’s, Bloomindale’s (to name a few) plus hundreds of specialty boutique stores. Along with her growing wholesale business, she also had a few retail store fronts located in the windy city.


As a creative business owner, Jane faced many challenges and worked through pitfalls. The experience she gained over the years allows her to be a much needed resource and educator in the apparel industry.  Jane is now sharing how-to road maps for creative entrepreneurs, aspiring marketing mavens, those who want to sell product online and fashion Designers. Her knowledge is valuable, whether you plan to sell online, would like to create a following, sell to major retailers or if you want to launch your own apparel line.   Both newbies to the industry and those with experience can benefit from Jane’s online courses and podcasts through her business “Fashion Brain Academy.”


Much of Jane’s information is free and available on her website, however she does offer paid courses too…and best of all, Jane is offering the Talent Suede network a 40% discount on her course “The New Designer Program.” Yes 40% off! This course is geared at new and aspiring Designers, but all levels can benefit from her information and expertise. She provides clear direction on sourcing, production, Buyer information; the full circle of how to get your line out there and sell it – successfully. If you want to take advantage of Jane’s amazing offer, please email us at connect@talentsuede.com with the subject line “Jane.” We will email you back a special link and a coupon code for your 40% off of her listed course rate. This coupon code is only available via email to Talent Suede.   This deal is valid through December 31, 2019.


Good luck and we wish you success in your career!


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