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Seasonal Job Tips - Your Competitive Edge

Let’s face it, most of us take a holiday job for a solid paycheck. Working through the season is great to build a bank roll, but you can gain more than money. There are smart ways to achieve high value from your temporary role and become a major contender in your next one. We grabbed secret success tips directly out of the velvet bag from hiring managers, HR pros and recruiters.

Plan ahead. If you agree to a schedule, keep your commitment. If you foresee a conflict, ask for the time off before you start or as soon as possible. Don’t let your work ethic get compromised over poor planning.

Impressions last. Your fantastic work-style should last the duration of your role. You manage your career, so bring it. Everyday.

Expect the unexpected. This time of year warrants mishaps, unpredictability and unforeseen circumstances. Be ready for anything and inherit a “go with the flow” mentality when tasks or priorities change.

Positivity goes a long way. There will be rewarding and challenging days. You choose if the glass is half full. When the hard times come, remember you are gaining more than a paycheck.

Consider yourself a resource. Be sure you understand your tasks, ask questions and follow direction. Read emails and communications carefully. Listen, absorb, jot notes. You will be expected to be self-reliant. This comes in handy if you plan on opening your own business in the future.

Grow your contacts (colleagues, and co-pilots). You will meet internal company managers, colleagues, and other temporary staff. You can also grow your network through vendors, contractors, or those you communicate with via email or phone. The rule of thumb is the best connections to make are those you interact with frequently. New contacts can create work opportunities.

Choose quality connections over quantity. It is better to make one quality connection than several. Over time, you will gain a good sense of who you would like to link with. Remember, some people may not want to connect or build their network, so don’t push it. If you are uncertain, ask.

Know when to connect. Appropriate timing is critical. If possible, link up with your new contacts near the end of your assignment or shortly after. Let your network know what type of job you are looking for long-term and when you will be available. If you have a side business, share the details after your job ends.

Appreciate everything you learn. You will be part of a company during a busy time. Pay attention to selective inventory, what sells, what brands are hot, notice common complaints, assess how your role fits in with other departments and note common issues. In your daily routine, you may learn a new office-technical skill or a software system. Your “soft skills” will improve too, such as listening to customer needs and patience. For more information about soft skills, see our article “Discovered; the Hidden Advantages of a Holiday Job.”

Journal it. Keep regular notes about your duties and track what you learn, including soft skills gained. Update your notes at the end of day or end of the week, while your experience is fresh. Your notes will serve as a huge aid at future interviews and for resume updates.

Recharge. Be sure to check your schedule and take your breaks and meals. Remind others that you need a little down time when break time hits. If needed, offer to help keep track of breaks. Your manager and colleagues will be grateful.

You got this. Soon after you start, you will fall in to a work rhythm and time will fly by. Your temporary role will end before you know it. Look forward to the take-aways, whether your temp job is short-term or a side gig to your day job. With our success tips, your holiday job can steer you to your next career opportunity and give you a competitive edge.

Thank you for the read. We hope you land a job you love!

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