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Discovered: The Hidden Advantages of a Holiday Job

The holiday season is here and so are seasonal jobs. If you land a temporary job, you’ll be happy to earn a little extra cash (money!) to fill your stocking. We have discovered untold advantages that we’ll mention soon, but first, but let’s recap the known drivers to search for a job right now. Besides a paycheck, there are employee discounts and deals, opportunities for a long-term role, and you can gain company insight with a chance to learn a new system. You will meet new people in your workplace and get invited to holiday festivities. All excellent reasons.

Take a quiet moment to think of the cons too; consider the pay. It may not be what you were hoping for. Other cons could be very little training, you have a set end date and you will most likely have hectic times ahead. You may have a few other personal reasons, such as location or the job may not be something you want to do long-term. As you build your pro/con list, let’s go back to the pros. We have delightfully discovered more reasons why a temporary job is beneficial.

Hidden Advantages

Most people don’t think about the intangibles or “soft skills” you will gain at work. Soft skills are valuable characteristics or personality traits that you develop on the job. From a recruiting standpoint, soft skills you acquire are critical and can be maximized during interaction with clients, customers, internal colleagues or while dealing with others over the phone. Gaining on-the-job soft skills are often overlooked by job seekers. We now reveal them to give you a competitive edge over others. You can develop these skills daily, even hourly as you temp through the holidays. As you expand these skills, consider them a great gift you inherit this season.

  1. We have holiday “busy time” listed as a “con”, but it is also a “pro” because you can triumph during hectic times. Even though the role is short-term, you commit to your best efforts. Weathering through chaos in challenging times is worth its weight in gold for your next interview. This shows you were able to work hard and last through your short-term commitment.

  2. You will learn how to deal with various personalities and listen to needs. This shows interpersonal, communication and listening skills. All excellent soft skills needed for your career.

  3. You can be someone’s hero. Right person, right place, right time – that could be you. Not only are many people relying on you, but there’s always an opportunity to shine. Perhaps you met a deadline that everyone thought was impossible, you filled in when others become ill, you made an aggravated customer happy, you created a new way of doing something- the list goes on. You may even acquire some good stories. This displays problem solving skills and how you successfully handle difficult situations and personalities.

  4. You will be exposed to different situations and changing priorities frequently. This shows agility and capability to work under stressful situations.

  5. You can offer to train others or “buddy up” with someone who is new or struggling. This shows teamwork and initiative.

  6. You may realize what you want, or don’t want from your next long-term role. Clarity in your career path is always beneficial.

Colleagues, Contacts, and Co-pilots

Don’t forget the three C’s. You will meet people internally and externally in your temp role. Your new contacts (colleagues and co-pilots) will inflate. You may have the possibility of staying on long-term, but your seasonal role can provide you with a plethora of new contacts including managers, employees, vendors, and contractors who can help with job leads at a variety of other roles in different companies.

Think- it-Through

Having a seasonal job can develop or enhance core soft skills that hiring managers look for. Any role, temporary or long-term, deserves careful thought. If you have time to take a seasonal job and feel it would be advantageous to you, tap in to your network and check online for openings of interest. Take all in to consideration and be sure to include our hidden advantages to your “pro” list.

Keep Track of What You Learn

As a hiring manager and recruiter, I know most candidates don’t feel their short-term job is worth mentioning, especially if it’s just a paycheck. Whether your job lasts two months or two weeks, you gained experience and we want to hear about it. Keep notes or regularly track what you learn. It’s likely you’ll walk away with more skills and experience than you thought.

Resume and Bragging Rights

Once you’ve completed your seasonal assignment, update your resume with your job duties and tasks. If needed, refer back to your notes. Be sure to give examples and share your acquired soft skills in your next interview. Go ahead and brag a little. You earned it!

Thank you for the read. We hope you land a job you love!

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