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How to Energize & Incentivize Co-workers

The season brings elements of fascination and stress. During this busy time of year, it’s especially important energize and recognize the hard work and good attributes of those around us. Here’s a few unique ways to keep ENERGY levels and spirits up.

Keep in mind that those around us are also experiencing work stress, unexpected changes, additional workload and long hours. Work life can deeply integrate with home life during the months of December and January.

Now is a great time to motivate each other. Try out a few of our proven reward techniques or let them serve as an inspiration to make your own.

Motivators & Rewards

1. Make name tags for each team member to wear such as “Hello I’m Awesome,” Fantastic, Fabulous, Motivated, Creative, etc. and pass out.

2. Choose a “Hero-A-Day” for two weeks. Recognize each team member throughout all public and company social media channels and tag them. Put their photo in the lobby or in common areas of the office.

3. Decorate 5 hangers or 5 shoes to give as a “Hanger Award” or “Best Foot Forward Award.” Choose 5 recipients to recognize; those who really make a difference.

4. Host a potluck where everyone brings a dish or dessert from their culture. Create flags to represent the cultures with the co-worker name. Even if you can’t eat at the same time, this is a great way to get to know each other.

5. Ask each team member or co-worker to bring in their favorite cereal. Granola or fruit loops, whatever they choose. Host a morning cereal bar and ask each co-worker to guess who brought in each item. Winner(s) get to take the leftovers home. OR have a secret gift exchange of cereal. Bring in a box/ bag of cereal that you want to gift to the co-worker. After the exchange, host a Cereal Bar.

6. Conduct a random drawing of those who want first dibs at the next Sample Sale.

7. Unusual Hat Day; ask the team to make an unusual hat that from eco-friendly items around their home (such as sticks, straws, material, paper, etc.) Have a contest and take group selfies.

8. Decorate scarfs and mittens. The most festive wins. After team photos, donate to a community or senior center.

9. Print photos of fun action shots such as roller coasters, surfing, a favorite TV character in motion and place at your desk, locker or a common work area.

10. Gather everyone’s favorite TV shows to watch or stream. Place the list of their picks in a common area. If you get duplicate entries, list all names so you can see who likes the same shows.

Don’t Forget the Supporters

In appreciation of the spouse, significant other, partner, dependent, close friend, or pet who has been deprived of time to see the employee, get them a small item or small denomination gift card, just enough to buy a coffee or a pet snack. The employee and recipient will be surprised and delighted by the gesture.

Take Note

Ask for food allergies if applicable. Don’t forget to obtain approval from your Manager or Senior Managers, HR Rep, or leaders to help materialize your ideas.

Individual acknowledgements and recognition will uplift those around you, keep your team connected and generate a productive team flow.

Enjoy the positive energy you create!

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